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Hereford Coach Hire

Coach Hire Hereford is one of Hereford's most reliable coach hire firms, with an excellent for offering the best coach hire services. We are renowned for our ability to offer one of the outstanding coach hire services while ensuring that we adhere to the duty of caring for our clients. By this, you will get complete peace of mind as you travel.

Explore the beautiful city of Hereford with our top-rated Coach Hire services. We offer 33 to 49 seater coaches, minibus hire with driver, and airport service to and from Hereford, Staghendo, and other nearby locations. With prices ranging from £600 to £900 for local day hires, you can have a comfortable and budget-friendly journey. Our experienced drivers ensure that you reach your destination safely and on time.

Discover the best of Hereford with our top 10 places to visit:

  1. Hereford Cathedral (HR1 2NG)
  2. The Black and White House Museum (HR1 2PY)
  3. Berrington Hall (HR6 0DW)
  4. The Courtyard Theatre & Arts Centre (HR1 2AQ)
  5. The Cider Museum & Herefordshire Cider Tour (HR1 1JX)
  6. The Old House Museum & Garden (HR4 9EA)
  7. Hereford Racecourse (HR4 9QU)
  8. Edgar Tower (HR2 0DY)
  9. Herefordshire Nature Trust (HR2 6LW)
  10. Eastnor Castle (HR8 1RL)

Book your Coach Hire in Hereford now and experience our excellent service, good prices and top-notch vehicles. We guarantee a pleasant and memorable journey

We have a huge fleet of vehicles designed to suit all your needs. Our fleet of well-maintained and regularly serviced vehicles range from 8-seater coaches to 72-seater coaches. We are ready to provide you with our minibuses for any event or function that will require coach hire. We specialise in offering Executive and VIP coach for hire for business and corporate events that you may have. In the more than two decades that we have been in service, we pride ourselves on one of the best and outstanding levels of professionalism and quality services that we offer to all our clients.

Do you have an upcoming fun day trip with family or friends? Why not let us at Coach Hire Hereford do all the hard work for you? We are the masters of travel to all areas in need of efficient, reliable, top-quality, and comfortable transportation needs at the best competitive prices that you will find in the industry.

Besides helping residents of Hereford with transport needs, we also serve all regions of the UK including Bromyard, Leominster, Kington, Ross-on-Wye, Stockport, Oldham, Bolton, Bury, Rochdale, and through the North West and other regions across the UK. We also serve all major and regional railway stations in Hereford and beyond. We desire to serve everybody in need of transport solutions. We are not concentrated in Hereford only.

Choose Coach Hire Hereford for an exceptional travel experience

There is nothing more frustrating than arriving at your place of choice feeling tired. With us, expect to have the best travelling experience that can't be equalled by any other coach hire firm. We want to ensure that you are entertained all the way as you travel. This is the reason as to why we have fitted all our coaches for hire with power sockets for you to charge your laptops, tablets or mobile phone as you travel. All of them have air-conditioning meant to enhance your comfort.

With us, expect to be updated on the latest news since we also have a fast Wi-Fi and other onboard entertainment services such as CDs and DVDs. If you have privacy concerns, don't worry. We have coaches with tinted windows and curtains meant to ensure that your privacy is guarded all the way as you travel.

We value your life, and as you travel, we want to ensure that you do so in safety. All our coaches are fitted with safety belts meant to assure your safety. In fact, if you are travelling with children, do not worry since a majority of them have children's booster seats. Coupled with this, our vehicles are regularly checked for any issues to do with the engine, braking, transmission errors, and tire punctures among others. We want you to arrive in one piece feeling fresh.

Unlike other coach hire companies, we at Coach Hire Hereford have onboard catering as you travel. We do not want you arriving at your destined place feeling hungry. We have drinks and snacks that you can eat as you travel.

Take advantage of our competitive prices

If you have noticed, a lot of coaches hire companies to tend to price their tickets fairly high. We are not in business to exploit you. We want to ensure that you do not have to pay for huge ticket prices regardless of whether it is during a peak or off-peak season. Our prices are the lowest industry. Compared to other coach hire companies in Hereford, our prices are the lowest of them all.

Of importance to note is that our low ticket prices are compensated by ignoring matters to do with quality. We do not compromise on matters to do with quality at all. Beside you travelling cheaply, we will ensure that you can do so safely, and with the comfort that you deserve. If you are looking for cost-effective, 100% comfortable coach, and fully equipped, we can provide you with one that will suit all your needs. There is no way your travelling experience will be enhanced if you end up paying huge sums of money for tickets.

We provide excellent services with a focus being on the customer, and that begins with our efficient booking system. You can book your tickets online in simple steps, and if you book early enough, we will reward you with the best discount rates.

Explore our fleet of coaches

In the recent years, that we have been in service, we have made notable changes to our fleet of coaches to make sure that you get to receive the highest quality services and unforgettable travelling experiences. We automatic gearboxes that are durable and efficient; helping you have a smooth journey. The Chassis of our Scania vehicles are well-proven and durable. In fact, they are recognized as excellent pieces of engineering on the roads of UK. All our high-capacity vehicles come fixed with rear two axles that can carry up to 12,000 kg and front axles that can withstand weights of up to 7,500 kg.

If you have huge luggage to carry, don't be worried at all. All our vehicles have large luggage capacity to accommodate enough luggage. Our vehicles have giant lightweight wheels that are durable in addition to security systems such as CCTV cameras for maximum security. If you choose us for your travelling needs, rest assured that you will arrive at tour destination safely and comfortably.

Why Choose Hereford Coach Hire?

the advantages of hiring a minibus or coach for your  business purposes. Here are some points that could help emphasize why your company stands out in the coach hire business:

Wide Range of Seating Options: Highlighting the range of seating options available, from 49 to 33, and 53 seaters, suggests flexibility to accommodate different group sizes.

Experienced Luxury Minibus Chauffeurs: Emphasizing the experience and professionalism of your chauffeurs can instill confidence in potential clients, assuring them of a safe and comfortable journey.

On-Time and Safe Travel: Stressing the importance of punctuality and safety is crucial. Emphasize that your services ensure everyone reaches their destination on time and in a secure manner.

Cost-Effective Solutions: Showcase the economic benefits of hiring one larger vehicle instead of multiple smaller ones. This not only saves you  money but also reduces fuel consumption, contributing to cost-effectiveness 

Environmentally-Friendly Services: Positioning your company as environmentally conscious can appeal to clients who prioritize sustainability. Highlight the reduced carbon footprint associated with your larger capacity vehicles.

Hassle-Free Parking: Mention the convenience of not having to deal with the challenges of finding parking spaces for multiple vehicles. This can be a significant advantage for clients, especially in busy urban areas.

Team Bonding: Emphasize the social aspect of traveling together, suggesting that hiring a minibus can contribute to team bonding as people have the opportunity to interact and get to know each other during the journey.

Modern and Well-Maintained Fleet: Highlighting that your fleet is modern and maintained by specialist technicians can assure clients of the reliability and quality of your vehicles.

Consider incorporating these points into your promotional material or website content to effectively communicate the strengths of your Hereford coach hire services.